Astrology, the study of the influence of stars or planets on human lives. When humans take birth stars and planet plays important role in their life. The time on which they are born and which star or planets is into their timing decides lifestyle of particular person and shaping their life.

Astrology has basically “sign” in astrological circle. This signs can be based on birthdate and situations of planets in that particular timing. There are signs with the naming alphabets and this signs are decided on the time of birth. The signs in astrology are termed as zodiac signs. Thereare total 12 zodiac sign in astrological circle. Each zodiac sign symbolizes it's own character symbol and also describes the nature, characteristics of the person which has particular zodiac sign based on their birthdates.

At the time of birth astrologers check which sign each planet was in, planets and signs combine to form house and angels. This house and angels in Vedic astrology forms kundli (Birth chart). Kundli or rasi chart is made after the birth of child on the timing of birth, birth date and also the place of birth. Kundli decides the each timing and phase of life and astrologers predict the future based on this kundli. Kundli is also know as Natal Chart, which shows the position of the sun, the moon and other planets at the exact time of a person's birth at a particular place on earth. Each life is set upon an energetic template that unfolds in your chart and sets into motion many cycles and influences that have been agreed upon by your soul.

Astrology results may vary due to different perspectives of astrologers. Thers is no unified theory of astrological studies. It is solely based on the planatery positions and each planet tells about the person characteristics and shaping of life. The signs are associated with planets and their rulers. There are different type of astrology like chinese, tibetain, vedic, western and many more.