The divine relation between number and coinciding event is belief for numerology. Every letter has numeric value that provides related cosmic vibrations.

The character of person, purpose for life and many such things can be known from numeric. Best time for major decisions, activities in life are told by experts with the use of numerology.it is also used to decide when to invest, marry, travel or change the job or relocate.

How does numerology works? This question arises in every mind. Numerlogy works on number science. Evreryone knows about the Pythagoras theorem. Numerology science is based on this. In numerology there are set of numbers which are particularly used for reading the depictions.

For numerology reading one need to tell birthdate. It is basically the summation of number of your birthdate. The set of number in numerology is from 1 to 9, 11 and 22. Every number has its own charm and characteristics.

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