(21 June – 22 July)
Lucky Day :
Lucky Color :
Blue and Silver
Lucky Stone :
Pearl (Moti)

Those born from June 22 –July 22 come under Cancer. Cancer is northern sign in zodiac. The ruler of this sign in astrology in which moon visits once in every month. Human’s life and ocean tides are dependent on the rhythms of moon.as cancer is ruled by moon, this sign is most obsessed about security.

Cancerians are very quick, introverted and homely. They believe in sheltering and providing love and care to their near and dear ones. As they being very quiet they generally avoid to get into conflict and protect themselves. The symbol for this sign is crab. Crab are not very attacking and get back to their shell for safety and so are the cancerians. Cancerians as ruled by moon their emotions are also dependent on the phases of the moon. This people when younger are to be taken care for as they are not so strong and do not have enough coping power for the outer world.

This sign people are sometimes hard to understand but they are most admirable, compassionate, generous and gracious. They have huge families as they are homely and they need people around them as they are always concerned about security.