(23 October – 21 November)
Lucky Day :
Lucky Color :
Red, Violet
Lucky Stone :
Coral (Moonga)

The eight sign of zodiac is Scorpio and the sun in this sign transit from October 23-November 22.The ruling planet of this sign is Pluto and mars. Pluto is believed to be connected to the secret sources of power, a perfect complement for Scorpio. Mars is the second ruler of Scorpio and mars is the god of wars who is depicted as charging forth into battles. Scorpio people can be tricky to spot. Scorpions start the conversation first but only when they feel into the situation to start or else they are bit reserved.

Scorpios tend to go deep into the subject or matter once you start conversation with them. Scorpio’s stick to their word once they say it they stick to through thick or thin. The symbol for Scorpio is scorpion. Scorpio personality is complex and fascinating. Scorpios are known for their mysterious face but they have calm and cool behavior’s said earlier they stick to their decision or words, this people can be great leaders and stay dedicated to their work and whatever they do. They are brave and have lot of friends.

Scorpio being a partner can be very loyal and protective. They cannot settle for less. Scorpios are quite efficient of making good of given opportunities and convert today’s loss into tomorrow’s gain. Scorpios are industrious and passionate souls and move with a keen sense of purpose and possess an inner strength, and the capacity to hold-up in difficult times.