(20 April – 20 May)
Lucky Day :
Lucky Color :
White and Green
Lucky Stone :

Taurus the sign with symbol of bull. The ruler of Taurus is Venus and Earth. Venus is exoteric ruler of Taurus and appreciates the gift of Earth which acts as target for their attraction.

The people born with this sign are strong and has great stamina for mental and physical tasks. Taureans are very stubborn.one cannot win argument with them and they make people accept their fault though at times not in fault. Taureans have great love for food. They become lazy at times but are determined in their life and whatever the task they take they complete. Taureans are materialistic and love finer things in life.

The good point about taureans is that they are loyal. This people incur stability and love to have stability in their life and everything they do. They also ensure when they do the things or take decisions in life they make sure their near and dear ones are happy with decision.